Ignoranţa nu are început dar are un sfârşit. Pentru cunoaştere există un început dar niciodată un sfârşit.
(citat din înţelepciunea orientală)

Să-nveţi s-alungi din suflet ura
Ca să fii veşnic ca natura!
Ce ştie ea şi noi nu ştim?
Ştie-a trăi. Noi, să murim.

marți, 28 octombrie 2014

The God Within

I am the God within,
Creator of the worlds;
The fear, my only sin,
The power, in my thoughts.

I am the God inside,
Identity revealed;
No anger and no pride
And love, my only shield.

Through centuries I lived
More than a thousand times,
I lied and I believed,
Gave birth, commited crimes.

I didn’t love myself
Until I found it all:
I’m perfect as I am,
Both when I rise or fall.

I do not seek the fame,
I’m wiser in the end;
My soul, the only flame,
The peace of mind, my friend.

I dwell into the light
And I escaped the madness;
My weapons in the fight:
Attention and awareness.

When everything I see
Around me is a hell,
I know it’s fantasy,
A story that I tell.

I need to close my eyes
And I begin to see;
My ego slowly dies,
I am complete and free.

The only thing I hear,
The silence in my mind;
I gave up all my fear,
I left the lies behind.

This place of harmony
I carry in my heart:
A perfect place to be,
Where nothing is apart.

I live and I will die
Like everybody else;
I learn and I apply
The laws of Universe.

I only say the words
With never-ending trust,
And my creation flows
So beautiful and fast!

I finally have found
The only God within
And everything around
Was born into his dream.

You see, you’re not a beggar
Who wants to touch a star,
You need just to remember
The miracle you are!

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