Ignoranţa nu are început dar are un sfârşit. Pentru cunoaştere există un început dar niciodată un sfârşit.
(citat din înţelepciunea orientală)

Să-nveţi s-alungi din suflet ura
Ca să fii veşnic ca natura!
Ce ştie ea şi noi nu ştim?
Ştie-a trăi. Noi, să murim.

duminică, 12 mai 2013

Dominus et Deus

I take the world
In my own hands;
With me it starts,
With me it ends.

I made the curtain
Of the time,
A perfect work,
A great design!

I named my kingdom
Until the sun
I climb the stairs.

I own the borders
Of the sea,
The earth is just
A gift from me.

No one has ever
Seen my face;
I play a game
Called human race.

I built the walls
Of every mind,
And put the memories

I keep your whispers
In my ear
And in my breath,
The atmosphere.

And if you have a wish,
It seems
That Im the master
Of your dreams.

I have a fate
For everyone
And Ill be here
When you are gone.

I watch the people
Down below,
Im ready
To enjoy the show!
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