Ignoranţa nu are început dar are un sfârşit. Pentru cunoaştere există un început dar niciodată un sfârşit.
(citat din înţelepciunea orientală)

Să-nveţi s-alungi din suflet ura
Ca să fii veşnic ca natura!
Ce ştie ea şi noi nu ştim?
Ştie-a trăi. Noi, să murim.

joi, 22 noiembrie 2012

The Enemy Inside

There is nowhere you can hide
From the enemy inside;
Always wants to take and win,
It's the enemy within.

He's a trickster, a pretender
And he wants you to surrender;
Never giving up, he tries
To make you listen all his lies.

If you want, he disappears,
But you feed him with your fears;
You could make him go away,
But you're begging him to stay.

If you think your enemy
Is someone that you can see,
Look inside you and you'll find
That he's living in your mind.

Never asking how you feel,
He's the source of your ordeal;
Not as friendly as it seems,
He's a thief, he steals your dreams.

He is living in the past
And you give him all your trust;
He's upset for what you've done,
But he fears the things to come.

Not as strong as he pretends,
He attacks and he defends;
Worrying hour after hour,
You are lost, he gets the power.

Listen to your real guide,
Not the the enemy inside!
He's not you and in the end
You're in charge and you command!
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