Ignoranţa nu are început dar are un sfârşit. Pentru cunoaştere există un început dar niciodată un sfârşit.
(citat din înţelepciunea orientală)

Să-nveţi s-alungi din suflet ura
Ca să fii veşnic ca natura!
Ce ştie ea şi noi nu ştim?
Ştie-a trăi. Noi, să murim.

duminică, 8 ianuarie 2012

Crystal child

Crystal child,
So sweet and wild,
You’ll be here
For a while.

Asking me
To set you free,
You’ll bring joy
And harmony.

Crystal clear,
To me so dear,
The purest soul
Is flying near.

Sparkling light
In the night,
On the earth
You’ll shine so bright!

Little wonder,
Up and under,
Watching me
Beyond the border!

Like a star,
But not so far,
You heal the sky
Of every scar.

Angel wings,
A bell that rings,
You want to tell
So many things!

How could I
Not hear your cry,
When you come,
Just passing by?

On the shore,
At my door,
You have to wait
A little more.

You’ll be born,
And you’ll be grown,
But I can’t do that
On my own.

Help me now,
From the bow,
Find my twin flame
Soon, somehow!

Only then,
And only when
We are two,
You’ll be a man!
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