Ignoranţa nu are început dar are un sfârşit. Pentru cunoaştere există un început dar niciodată un sfârşit.
(citat din înţelepciunea orientală)

Să-nveţi s-alungi din suflet ura
Ca să fii veşnic ca natura!
Ce ştie ea şi noi nu ştim?
Ştie-a trăi. Noi, să murim.

luni, 27 martie 2023



                                          (Photo by gmarcelo from FreeImages)

Alone in a crowd

So noisy and loud,

I choose only silence,

Instead all this violence.

I like things that matter,

Avoiding the chatter;

From silence I rise

More blisfull and wise.

Wraped in a body,

I feel like somebody

Who has to pretend,

To succeed in the end.

I’m different, I feel

This world is ordeal,

But beauty inside

Will help me survive.

I feel deeply pain,

My mind is insane;

A stranger was born,

Forgotten, forlorn.

I wish I can fly

At the gates of the sky,

But heaven is locked,

I’m silent, I’m mocked!

The world never stops,

I look through teardrops,

I don’t want to talk:

My truth, not a joke!

I fight with my torment,

Than stop for a moment;

Embracing my gifts,

My energy shifts.

You write your own story,

You’re covered in glory!

Congrats for all this!

I choose only peace.

I live with my heart

For music and art,

You think I am weak,

You judge me as freak.

Just leave me alone!

I live on my own!

As long as I dwell,

Won’t live in your hell!

Your noise will distroy

My being, my joy!

I wish you could see

The sunrise in me!

You don’t have permission

To contest my mission!

Just stay as you are,

We’re different by far!

We share the same stage,

I’m blind at your rage,

I’m deaf to your blame,

We won’t be the same!

I wish you the best!

I just want to rest

And find, in the end,

The silence – my friend!

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